Afghan Ministry of education: schools will reopen soon

Afghan Ministry of education: schools will reopen soon

The Education Ministry of Afghanistan has announced that the 11th and 12th-grade classes will begin soon. Noori Nozhat, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education, wrote in the message:

“according to the decisions made by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Cabinet, the schools will start as soon as possible.

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In accordance, the Ministry of Education’s plan, we will start the in-person classes of 11th and 12th grades of public schools, 7th to 12th grades of night schools, and 1st to 12th grades of private schools. The schools will reopen in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health’s health guidelines.”

While still coronavirus outbreak for the second time is a major threat but education ministry says that they are willing to begin the in-person classes soon. “according to the guideline of Afghan cabinet, we will begin our class in the upcoming ten days.”

As the Afghan Education Ministry announced the reopening of private and public schools in Afghanistan, but the outbreak of coronavirus in the country had caused the closure of all schools.

Schools have been closed for at least five months, and the Ministry of Education is now trying to begin in-person lessons while still the coronavirus re-outbreak is a significant threat.

According to Pasbanan Media group news reports, several private school teachers, and officials staged in the streets of the capital one month ago.

The teachers hold protests in front of the Education Ministry demanding the reopening of their schools.

Officials at the Ministry of Education also recommend that all students take health tips seriously.

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site