‘Freed Taliban Prisoners Arrested Again’

Some Taliban members have said that the Afghan government has “rearrested or raided the homes of at least ten members” of the group who were recently freed as part of the peace deal between the Taliban and the US.  

Freed members of the Taliban have said that their leadership ordered them not to return to the battlefield, but the Afghan government claims that some of these Taliban fighters have resumed military activity. 

Qari Saifurrahman, a Taliban member who was recently released from the Afghan government’s custody and has rejoined his family in Logar province, said that he had been ordered not to return to the fight.  

“Our amir (Taliban’s supreme leader) ordered us not to return to war, so we are respecting his instruction,” said Saif-Ur-Rahman, a former Taliban commander. 

However, Mohammad Sediq said that his son was a Taliban fighter who was recently released from jail in Bagram district but was allegedly taken back into custody by the Afghan government.

Sediq’s son, Shams-Ur-Rahman, was rearrested by Afghan government forces after he attended a ceremony at a madrasa in the village of Qala Nasrawi in Parwan’s Bagram district, said Sediq. 

 “He spent five-and-a-half years in jail but was freed based on the Taliban list. He was on the way home, he was not on the battlefield, but he was rearrested,” said Mohammad Sediq, father of Shams-Ur-Rahman. 

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site