Baghlan Residents Welcome Ceasefire

Residents in the northern province of Baghlan voiced their support for the ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

“Ceasefire is one of the aspirations of the people of Afghanistan, particularly the religious scholars. We strongly support the observance of the ceasefire announced by the opponents of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during the Eid days,” said Mawlavi Naqibullah Sajjad, a cleric in Baghlan.

“We want to assure the citizens of the country that the security forces will be on red alert during the Eid days and they have taken all necessary measures. The people can spend their Eid days with happiness and without fear of security threats,’ said Naqibullah Yousufi, the head of the security department of the Baghlan police.

Meanwhile, a number of residents in Baghlan said that the people should focus on the health guidelines during the pandemic to contain its further spread.

“We call on the residents in Baghlan to respect the health guidelines of the Ministry of Health so that we are protected against the virus,’ said Abdul Qayoum Niazi, the acting governor of Baghlan.

Baghlan police called on the people to cooperate in maintaining security.

In an unexpected move, the Taliban on Saturday night announced a three-day Eid ceasefire with the Afghan government and instructed its fighters across the country to refrain from entering government areas and also said that Kabul forces were not allowed to enter territories under the group’s control.

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site