Probe Team Shares Findings on Politicians Gathering Attack

A seven-member probe team of lawmakers on Thursday made its findings public about a complex attack on a gathering of Afghan politicians in Kabul in early March.

The team, led by MP Tawfiq Wahdat, is comprised of Arif Rahmani, Abdul Karim Karimi, Mahdi Rasikh, Ghulam Husain Naseri and Zuhra Nawrozi.

The team was stunned to find that “over 60 people were killed and over 100 others were wounded in this attack.” The official report said were 11 dead.

The politicians were attending a ceremony of the 24th death anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari, the leader of the Hizb-e-Wadhat Party.

The event was underway when it was targeted by mortar attacks, gunfire and explosions from a nearby building in the west of Kabul.

The team fonds that the event organizers had three meetings with the police chief of the area and the NDS chief of the area and they were assured in all meetings that the event would be safe.

The security officials, according to the probe team, assured the organizers, even a night before the event, that a radiation of three kilometers from the area was clear in terms of security.

The probe team also said they held meetings with the NDS chief of Kabul and the police commander who “put the blame on their subordinates who did not have proper evidence to prove their claim.”

The team says they also held a meeting with Ahmad Zia Saraj, the acting head of the National Directorate of Security, saying that in such circumstances, executive authorities are with Kabul NDS directorate and the Kabul police headquarters.

The team also says that based on security agencies’ reports, the attack was carried out by Daesh.

The team has referred the Kabul police chief, the NDS of Kabul and a number of police force members and NDS officers–who were responsible for the security of the event–to the Attorney General’s Office.

The team has found shortcomings in the security forces measures’ to prevent the event from attack, according to a member of the team, MP Ghulam Husain Naseri.

“Those who were working previously or are working now should begin their investigation and should give a clear response to the Afghan people and to the victims,” said Naseri.

“Officials of the police headquarters, and NDS officials, have been found responsible. They have not studied the area properly,” said Mahdi Rasikh, member of the team.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that those who fell short in preventing the attack were referred to the Attorney General’s Office.

“Five senior officials of the PD6 headquarters were investigated and their cases were sent to the Attorney General’s Office,” a spokesman for the ministry, Tariq Arian, said.

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site