Family of Afghan Gitmo Prisoner Calls for His Release

The family of an Afghan imprisoned in Guantanamo wants the help of the Afghan government to obtain his release, saying he is the last prisoner from Afghanistan there.

The family, who lives in Peshawar, says Haroon Assadullah has been at Guantanamo Bay for the last 13 years.

They also said that Haroon is not in good condition.

Information from the US Department of Defense shows that the United States has detained more than 200 Afghan prisoners in Guantanamo. Haroon, based on Defense Department information, was arrested in June 2007. On the list of the Pentagon, Haroon’s name is “Haroon Gul” or “Haroon al-Afghani.”  

“The government should make efforts to release him in a prisoner swap. It is okay that we don’t have a government job, but still we are Afghans and we are making this call as Afghans,” said Roman, Haroon’s brother.

“We–and the people–were asking why he has been arrested. We tried day and night but we could not get anything,” said Abdul Ghafar, Haroon’s father.

His daughter, Maryam, was born in Nangarhar after he was arrested and she is 13 years old. She said she wants to know why her father has not been released.

“My dear father, I have many things to say to you but I have no words to express them. I hope you come home and join your family,” said Maryam.

“Life is difficult for me. I feel exhausted,” Haroon’s mother said.

His defense lawyer, Stafford Smith, said Haroon’s family is in bad condition and he should be released soon.

 It should be noted that for the 13 years that Haroon has been in Guantanamo Bay, he has never had a visit from an Afghan delegation,” Smith said.

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site