President Ghani officially introduces acting minister of Foreign Affairs

President Ashraf Ghani officially introduced Mohammad Hanif Atmar as the acting minister and nominee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today evening.

Mohammad Hanif Atmar extended gratitude to the president for entrusting him with the post to lead a significant portfolio and said the presidential election is over and the final outcome was announced by IEC commissioners who all had been elected by the presidential nominees.

Mr. Atmar stressed that those who undermine democracy and electoral processes will be responsible before the nation. He asked all political figures to embrace the president’s call to realize national partnership and ensure supreme interests of the country.

First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh said Afghanistan is now pursuing a diversified and multidimensional foreign policy, which has been mainly focused on the issue of counter-terrorism since the Bonn agreement was signed in 2001.

The first vice president said some individuals are still looking forward to a second Bonn agreement, underlining that the new Afghanistan differs from what it was in 1990s.

He added that it is one of the paramount objectives of the government to reinforce active diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

President Ashraf Ghani said the diplomatic apparatus of Afghanistan and its diplomats should represent the government and people of Afghanistan and demonstrate our national determination at international level, adding that Afghanistan should become the pivot of regional consensus and the roundabout of cooperation.

Having referred to the experiences previous governments in Afghanistan, President Ghani stressed that stability will be inconceivable in absence of the republic system and said, “We are all representatives of Afghanistan and speak for Afghans.”

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site