Nimroz Cement Importers Stage Protest, Block Road

KABUL – Some cement businessmen on Monday protested against the government for not allowing them to import cement from Iran over the past two weeks.
The protesting traders closed the Gumrak Road till Abresham Bridge which is zero-point on the border with Iran.
Emal, a cement importer, said: “The Nimroz Customs Department has been refusing to allow trucks loaded with cement to proceed and we pay 2,500 afs to drivers for every single night,” he said.
He said they would continue their protest until vehicles carrying cement were not allowed to proceed.
Abdul Khaliq, another importer, said: “The cement contract is given to a single company and you cannot import them.” He said the protesters were demanding the import of cement to be allowed.
Deputy Nimroz Governor Abdul Nabi Barahavi said the import of cement was the right of a single company and as per the law no one else could import cement. (Pajhwok)

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site