Student action improves classroom environment for kids in Balkh school

Recently established Integrity Group in Ferdausi Boy’s School in Balkh, addressed the lack of chairs faced by the students there. The student-body repaired chairs for their fellow students in the primary classes who would otherwise have had to sit on the bare floor.

The group shared the lack of the chairs issue with the school management and proposed the solution of repairing the damaged chairs. After a few follow up meetings and action the students set to work. As part of the proposal, Najibullah a member of the group and a welder himself on a part-time basis, along with other members, repaired more than sixty chairs for reuse.

Najibullah, who teaches in the same school, expressed his feelings as ‘satisfactory’ after repairing the chairs. He said, “There are times that instead of looking for help from outside, you need to look in for solution.” “I can’t see my fellow students sit on dirt while I have a chair to use,” he added.

Empowered by Integrity Watch, Integrity Groups are associations of students in schools trained to take creative initiatives to find ways out to the issues in their schools. The groups help increase awareness about their school and the problems they face which are mostly neglected by the officials. The groups engage the school management in issues such as cleaning the schools, providing drinking water, and the availability of toilets for the students. After a year of monitoring, Integrity Watch established the groups to promote a culture of school ownership by the students. The groups are a platform for students to demonstrate leadership skills by taking initiatives in their schools and hopefully for their country in the future.

This article was originally published on this site.

This article was originally published on this site